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elevenFIVE Productions co-founders Jaime Hellman and Barbara Leibovitz Hellman have created and managed commercial and critically acclaimed original long-form documentaries covering a wide variety of topics. Their clients include Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, CNN, History Channel, TLC, TBS and many other world-class media organizations. Their focus is always on show creation, captivating content, excellent writing and creative story structure. Their combined experience ranges from very large-scale, big-budget prime time specials and series, to daily news programs and award-winning documentaries. 


Jaime Hellman is an EMMY award winning writer, director, producer, show-creator and executive producer experienced in short and long-form content, and program development for broadcast, cable and streaming services. Jaime is also the recipient of an EDWARD R. MURROW award and was nominated for a GEORGE FOSTER PEABODY award. He has collaborated with CBS News, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, Al Jazeera America, Bloomberg Television, Reuters, A&E, Oxygen, Science Channel, History Channel and many other partners.


Barbara Leibovitz Hellman was on the short list for an ACADEMY AWARD nomination. She created, produced, directed, and distributed critically acclaimed, commercial long-form documentaries and original series covering a wide variety of topics. She won the BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the ROY WEBSTER DEAN FILM AWARD, and the first ROBERT TOWNSEND "TENACITY" AWARD. Most recently she has created long-form non-fiction series and short-form branded videos for Disney, UBS, Moncler, Louis Vuitton, plus filmed and produced Vogue and Vanity Fair videos, where she won a WEBBY AWARD for "Call Me Caitlyn”.


Our credits include: “The 93 Victims of Samuel Little" docu-series Investigation Discovery, "The FBI" National Geographic and PBS, "Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens" American Masters PBS, "Salvaged Lives" Discovery Channel, "Quantico: The Making of an FBI Agent" CNN, "FBI: Takedown" National Geographic Channel, "Swiftwater Rescue" Discovery Channel, "Extreme Aerialists" Discovery Channel, "L.A. Lifeguards" TBS, "Who is the Real Joran Van Der Sloot" A&E, "Unspeakable Crime: The Killing of Jessica Chambers" Oxygen, "39 Days" CBS News, "48 Hours: The Shape of a Killer" CBS News, "48 Hours: Cold-Blooded Killer" CBS News, "48 Hours: Lorenzen Wright - No Defense" CBS News, "Giant Cranes" Discovery Channel, "Cave-In" Discovery Channel, "Addicted to Plastic Surgery" Discovery Channel, "The Love Lab - Episodes 1 to 6" Discovery Health, "Kids Under Pressure" CNN, "Devils Island" Discovery Channel, "Visionaries: What's Inside the Creative Mind" OWN, "Captive: P.O.W. Stories" Military Channel, "Hunting the Dinosaur" TLC, "Mega Excavators" Discovery Channel, "Building Green" Discovery Science, "Anatomy of a Pandemic" Discovery Science, "America's Investigative Reports: A Bitter Pill" PBS, "Tales of the Gun" History, "AARP: Making Money, Losing Trust" Bloomberg Television, "Harry Potter Kids" Biography, and many more.

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